Healthcare Provider Defense Against Criminal Accusations

We hope you never need this type of service, but due to the state and federal law enforcement that relates to healthcare providers, criminal prosecutions are a possibility.  Kennedy has an Of Counsel relationship with David Scoggins of Scoggins & Scoggins.  Mr. Scoggins practices criminal defense, and can defend against healthcare criminal indictments in conjunction with Kennedy in either state or federal court.  With this co-counsel relationship, the nuances of health law and the process and procedures of criminal law are well covered to provide a thorough defense to any allegation.

US DOJ 300x300 - Criminal DefenseWhy You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney.

Recently, two Dallas physicians and three nurses were charged and sentenced to federal prison for an $11 Million Dollar Medicare Fraud Scheme. Whether it is billing fraud, medical malpractice, or other healthcare-related criminal charges, you need an experienced health law criminal defense attorney working to defend you and your practice.  Contact Kennedy Attorneys & Counselors at Law today.