Representing Healthcare Providers in False Claims and Qui Tam

Any healthcare provider that bills Medicare or Medicaid, or related programs under a VA health benefit or otherwise, is exposed to prosecution under the False Claims Act.  The government may bring a case against a provider for the submission of a false claim under either a civil proceeding or a criminal proceeding.  These cases are highly technical and turn on technicalities of the program regulatory framework.  A comprehensive review of the available records and knowledge of the healthcare laws, rules, and regulations is mandatory for a firm to be of assistance in such a case.  The qui tam attorneys at Kennedy have the background necessary for defending against such claims, whether brought by the government, or an individual seeking to share in a recovery by the government.

iStock 924090614 300x200 - False Claims Act & Qui Tam DefenseWhat is Qui Tam?

A whistleblower or qui tam action can provide financial rewards to individuals who are retaliated against for providing information that a company or individual has defrauded the government.  The primary statutes under which this relief may be sought are the federal and state False Claims Acts (“FCAs”), which are not specific to any particular type of fraud.  In addition to the FCAs, there are federal statutes which apply to tax fraud and securities fraud.

Source: American Bar Association