Healthcare providers have seen ever-increasing governmental oversight of their businesses. Often, the contracts a provider has with other entities or employees exposes it to more than simple administrative penalties. Federal Agencies such as the Department of Justice or the U.S. Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General, as well as state agencies such as the Texas Health and Human Services Commission Office of Inspector General, commonly review a provider’s contracts as part of a regular audit.

The skilled healthcare business attorneys at Kennedy Attorneys & Counselors at Law seek to ensure that all client contracts not only achieve their intended purpose, but also fulfill any requirements of governmental agencies that may see them during an audit. For example, a provider’s contracts must not only correctly recite the intentions of the parties, but in the case of agency buy/sell transactions, they must also meet timing and notice requirements. Additionally, HIPAA, Stark Law, Anti-kickback statute, and non-compete requirements must also be considered.

business of healthcare - Healthcare BusinessThe Business of Health Care

Whether you are a physician fresh from residency or a seasoned practitioner or a nurse looking to open a home health agency, the business side of health care is full of complex tasks and important decisions you need to consider. Kennedy Attorneys & Counselors at Law are focused solely on the business of health care. Consult our experienced attorneys whether you are starting a practice or joining one.

Examples of healthcare business transactions that Kennedy Attorneys & Counselors at law provide include:

  • Formation, consolidation, purchase, and sale of physician group practices;
  • Physician employment agreements;
  • Professional service agreements;
  • Healthcare joint ventures;
  • Creation of healthcare business entities;
  • Equipment and office space leases;
  • Creation of ownership interest documents; and
  • Hospital medical director agreements.

The Firm’s transactional services include not only the contracts for the transaction itself, but also both federal enrollments and state licensing. Contact our experienced healthcare business attorneys if we can help with the creation of contracts, employment agreements, the purchase or sale of a healthcare business, or any other type of healthcare business assistance.