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KENNEDY, Attorneys & Counselors at Law, is a law firm whose practice is concentrated in the area of health law. We are a small healthcare law firm by design – six experienced attorneys with a goal of providing our healthcare provider and practitioner clients close and personal attention on their legal matters.


We are experienced in health law. Our attorneys have extensive experience in their areas of specialty or concentration. Our health law firm’s founder was formerly counsel to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (formerly HCFA) and Office of Inspector General. We keep abreast of government and industry developments affecting our healthcare clients.


Our office in Dallas, Texas is at the hub of federal and state healthcare regulatory matters. Located in Dallas is the CMS regional office responsible for administering healthcare programs in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and New Mexico. Austin is the State’s capital and it is the heart of state government matters affecting state and local health care programs.

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Kennedy, Attorneys & Counselors at Law

Mark S. Kennedy founded Dallas health law firm KENNEDY, Attorneys & Counselors at Law in 2002.  Having handled a wide array of cases, Mr. Kennedy offers a broad base of experience to clients in need of assistance with health law and regulatory compliance matters. As former Assistant Regional Counsel to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Mr. Kennedy served nine years in the Dallas Region and was lead litigation attorney for the 5-state region.

Mark Kennedy Law Firm in Dallas, Texas

Mr. Kennedy was counsel to the former Health Care Financing Administration (now Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services or CMS), the Inspector General, and other Departmental Agencies in the federal trial and appellate courts and various administrative tribunals.  He represented the government in numerous  Medicare and Medicaid cases.  These matters involved payment and reimbursement disputes, health and safety compliance, fraud and abuse enforcement, and provider bankruptcy.  Prior to his work with the U.S. Government, Mark was counsel for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee.

Our firm is a health law firm in Dallas Texas. While we provide a wide array of legal services, our practice is devoted to health law, with an emphasis on the representation of healthcare providers and practitioners participating in federal and state healthcare programs. We do our best to keep clients out of trouble in the heavily regulated healthcare industry. The scope of work we perform for our clients encompasses five broad categories: provider reimbursement and payment issues; health standards and quality enforcement in survey and certification; issues related to fraud and abuse sanctions, representation before professional licensing boards, and day-to-day business issues such as contracts and employment law.

We represent our clients in state and federal court, before administrative tribunals and forums, and in appeals. We have a national practice and assist clients (and their local counsel) across the country. With respect to services not offered by Mark Kennedy’s law firm, we have established relationships with attorneys who provide such services, and with the permission of the client, we consult with them to ensure that issues are properly resolved.

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